5 Exciting Activities To Keep You Busy This Week In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir

The third week of November has officially begun and the weather is getting better by the second. Riyadh witnessed an amazing downpour of rain this past weekend, and even got to start this week with a treat from the skies! Because the winter season is approaching, Riyadh has a lot in store for its residents, from the very first official Disney castle, exciting places to eat, and the most extravagant outdoor activities. Scroll through this list to make the most of this week, and enjoy Riyadh at its prime!

5 Exciting Activities To Keep You Busy This Week In Riyadh

5. Celebrate your love for food at the KAFD Food Festival


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Your favorite district in Riyadh is hosting the most awesome food festival calling foodies from all over the capital. From live cooking shows, DIY activities, live entertainment, and much more, this event is the perfect way to enjoy some good bites and amazing weather. Grab your tickets here because doors are open from November 16 until November 30!

4. Make your fairytale dreams come true at Riyadh’s first Disney castle!

If you’re a fan of all things Disney, then this family-friendly attraction is the place for you! People have already started booking their tickets for the iconic spot opening doors on Wednesday November 22, 2023. From all your favorite characters, movies, and musicals this Disney castle is about to bring all your fairytale dreams come to life! Make sure to take all the kids and let your inner child out!

3. Walk through the most gorgeous art installations in Diriyah


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JAX District Diriyah is back with yet another iconic exhibit to pull all you artists into one of the most stunning museums. The Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art showcases the endless creativity of local artists on a large scale. The theme of the awesome show is Imagine: Fantasies, Dreams, Utopia, which features around 400 pieces to enjoy!

2. Enjoy nature’s beauty around you at Riyadh’s Wonder Garden

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If you’ve visited Dubai Miracle Garden and had the time of your life, Riyadh just unveiled its own more fancier version of an attraction where nature meets art. From the most gorgeous masterpieces, funnest rides, and serene views, Riyadh’s Wonder Garden will light up your insta-feed with the cutest pics! Doors are open daily from 4pm to 2am, and the views get even cooler at night! Grab your tickets here, which start at SAR 30 on weekdays and SAR 50 on weekends.

1. Enjoy a juicy burger for dinner at Section B!

Section B is one of the most famous and yummiest burger places around Riyadh that you have to try. Everything from their chicken, beef, to even hotdogs will have your mouth-watering! Grab your friends, and hit the road to enjoy a catchup dinner over some juicy buns and patties!


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