5 Hidden Gems Of Saudi Arabia That Everyone Needs To Go To

hidden gems of Saudi Arabia

Tourist spots are popular for a reason. But sometimes you want to go somewhere off the beaten path where you don’t have to face the crowds, wait in line to take a photo, or go somewhere that’s been overdone. Luckily for you, this vast country has much to offer and much that hasn’t been heard about until recent years. The hidden gems of Saudi Arabia are vast and varied, and unlike anything you’d expect to see in the desert kingdom.

Here are 5 hidden gems in Saudi Arabia everyone needs to go to:

5. Al Rajajil

Dubbed Saudi Arabia’s Stonehenge, Al Rajajil are arabic for “the men.” The rock formations stand in puzzling groups of four or five, with some standing upright and others which look like they’ve fallen over. They’re in no particular  order like their British counterparts, but they’re believed to be around 5,000 years old based on some inscriptions. Much like Stonehenge, little is confirmed about the purpose of Al Rajajil, but some speculate it could have to do with astronomy. Pretty cool.


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4. Al Qasab Salt Flats

Who needs to go to Bolivia when you’ve got salt flats in your own backyard? The little known Al Qasab Salt Flats are located less than 200 km north of Riyadh. You might wonder how is there salt in the middle of the desert? It’s believed the area was underwater thousands of years ago, and there’s so much salt its still harvested for use throughout Saudi Arabia today. You can learn about the extraction process when you visit, but it’s a pretty stunning sight to see a sea of white “snow” amidst the sand.

3. Harrat Khaybar Volcanic Fields

Also called the Black and White Volcanoes for the color of their lava, these volcanoes last erupted less than 1500 years ago and are located north of Madinah. Jabal Abyad (the White Volcano) is the tallest in all of Saudi. How cool would it be to walk on old lava flow on a site that can be seen from space? Definitely a must-see for the adventurous.


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2. Fifa Mountains

Reaching heights of 1800 meters above sea level, there’s a reason the Fifa Mountains are sometimes called the “neighbours of the moon” or “heavens of the earth.” Located close to Jazan, these surreal mountains are lush and green making for some epic photography because it can look like the mountains are practically touching the clouds. The mild year-round weather makes the area for visiting any time but also for growing a number of foods.

1. Al Wahba Crater

Just 250 km away from Taif lies this totally unique hidden gem of Saudi Arabia. How many people can say they’ve visited a volcanic crater? It’s several hundred feet deep and massive — it can be seen from space — and is believed by scientists to have been caused by an underground volcanic eruption. Neat. Get adventurous, put on some hiking shoes and try to climb down to the bottom. But be forewarned, the climb up may be even tricker. Don’t forget to take photos — there are few sights as stunning as this.


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