5 Key Points From Riyadh’s World Economic Forum Featuring Global Leaders

Hera Shabbir

Several world leaders got together in the capital to discuss future goals of prosperity in global stability, facing cross-border challenges, energy for development, and world peace. The two-day event kicked off in Riyadh with more than 220 public figures, from over 60 countries.

Although the conference featured many important discussions from leaders and business tycoons from around the world, here are five main points discussed at the forum worth noting.

5. Saudi’s Foreign Minister’s stance on the crisis in Gaza and the urgent need for a ceasefire

Saudi’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan took the floor to discuss the ongoing crisis in Gaza. He mentioned how although in its seventh month, global shortcomings have resulted in unreasonable and unacceptable failure to address the issue in Gaza. The Foreign Minster has been urging all international leaders to come to a two-state solution and demand a ceasefire in the region.

4. Princess Reema’s statement on the beauty of Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema totally gushed about how beautiful the Kingdom is and how it is truly exceptional what exists in Saudi Arabia. She goes on to mention the endless places around each region that are worth exploring, and it is a gift!

3. Lubna Olayan’s perspective of education for the middle class of society

One of the most famous businesswomen in Saudi Arabia, Lubna Olayan, got on stage to discuss the educational opportunities for the global middle class. She explained how the middle class is actually the ‘backbone of any society’ and investing in education and opportunities would create great potential for growth.

2. Bill Gates’ announcement of partnering with Saudi Arabia to eradicate Polio to ensure safety during Hajj

Bill Gates also got on stage to announce the partnership of Saudi Arabia to eradicate polio, to ensure safe travel for incoming pilgrims during the month of Hajj. He mentioned working on a new vaccine, to better respond to urgent humanitarian crisis, and prevent future pandemics.

1. Female Aerospace Engineer Mishaal Alshemimry’s vision for cross-sector engagements in space

Saudi aerospace engineer, and first in the GCC, Mishaal Alshemimry discussed methods of driving and sustaining the space economy, growing the space 4.0 commercialization, and fostering cross-sector engagements and efforts in space, through international and regional entities. Saudi also announced its very own C4IR Centre for Space Futures, where the Kingdom will collaborate with both local international officials to focus on space exploration. Set to open in August 2024, the organization will also drive advancements in space tech.



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