5 Lesser-Known Spots That Culture Vultures Definitely Need To Visit In Riyadh


Yes, there’s the grandiose national museum and the enigmatic Ad-Diriyah that are big draws for culture vultures, but the city is also home to lesser-known spots that deserve to be cultural destinations.

1. Go On A Shopping Spree At Souq Al-Zal

Imagine strolling through one of the oldest marketplace in the capital, Souq Al-Zal, where history comes alive. This charming spot near Al Masmak Fort is a treasure trove of art, handicrafts, and traditional goodies. From rugs to dazzling gold ornaments, this souq is a living snapshot of the past and present at the same time. The narrow streets filled with goodies that you never knew you needed will take you on a nostalgic ride. Don’t forget to check out the auctions that the place holds from time to time to snag something truly amazing.


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2. Explore The Royal Mosques Of Riyadh

Many mosques in Riyadh have members of the royal family as their patrons. You’ve got the King Khalid Grand Mosque, Princess Latifa bint Sultan Mosque, Prince Muqrin Mother’s Mosque, and Prince Faisal Bin Fahd Grand Mosque among a long list of others. These places are like architectural masterpieces that are sights to behold.

3. Roam With The Wild At NOFA Wildlife Park

Just a quick drive away from Riyadh, NOFA Wildlife Park is a playground for kids and adults alike. Zebras, deers, and a host of exotic birds call this place home. Get up close and personal with these majestic creatures while learning from expert guides. This lesser-known spot is like a mini safari right outside the city!

4. Experience Mind-Bending Magic At The Museum of Illusions

Brace yourself for some mind-bending illusions at the Museum of Illusions. From gravity-defying rooms to vortexes that’ll make you rethink walking, this place is an optical wonderland. It’s not just fun, it’s a learning experience too. Keep your smartphone cameras ready.

5. Let Your Eyes Feast On Art At The Naila Art Gallery

Art lovers, this one’s for you! Naila Art Gallery is a haven for those who appreciate creativity and art. Local and international artists showcase their brilliance here. You can attend workshops, meet the vibrant art community and get a hang of Riyadh’s budding art scene.


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