5 Of The Best New Cafes In Riyadh That You Definitely Need To Add To Your Radar


Riyadh’s café scene is lit—new cafes keep popping up all over town, and this isn’t exactly a new thing for Riyadhis—the new café phenomenon has been going on for years now. This list can help you navigate through some of the best new spots in town. From charming havens with French flair to places with the most indulgent desserts, get ready to fuel your caffeine fix and indulge your sweet tooth!

1. Café Lilou

This Bahrain-born gem brings a touch of Parisian charm to Riyadh with flaky croissants, delightful egg dishes, and a menu perfect for any meal. Tucked away in Hittin, the place does have a decent-sized menu, but unlike many places that do come with large menus, this actually aces pretty much every single thing on it!


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2. A Place Bakehouse

This cozy haven is the perfect place to escape the city buzz and unwind with a cup of Joe. The aroma of freshly baked goods and artisanal coffee brewing in the back will make this your go-to spot for your caffeine fix.


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3. CHO

CHO is the kind of place where you could easily spend hours without noticing—the aesthetics are so pleasing, with all that greenery, art, and books. Plus, it does help that the place has some of the best coffees to be found in the city.


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This is the perfect pick-me-up that Riyadh’s coffeeheads have always wanted. The name is a tad hard to pronounce, but even if you can’t, the coffee and desserts will have you coming back to “E.L.C.T.”

5. Crome London

This London-import is a haven for French toast enthusiasts, offering unique flavor options like Nutella and popcorn, tiramisu, and red velvet. With a cup of beautiful cuppa on the side, it’s just what you need to slay the gram.


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