5 Of The Best Road Trips From Riyadh That Are Perfect For The National Day Long Weekend


Long weekends are such a rarity in Saudi Arabia, and now that the upcoming Saudi National Day is only days away, why not plan now to make the most of it? Scenic highways, breathtaking landscapes, and a dash of surprise await.

So, pack your bags, rev up your engines, and venture far off from the big city lights, ‘cus here are the best road trips from Riyadh.

1. AlUla

This one’s a bit of a haul (about 7-8 hours), but hey, you’ve got a whole long weekend to spend. And that means that you’ve got time on your hands to soak up the rich history of AlUla. The drive,especially as AlUla approaches, is one of the most scenic ones that you’ll find in the country. Wait for when the sandstone formations start appearing in the distance. Since it’s National Day weekend, you might even grab some cool hotel deals!

2. Empty Quarter

If you’re up for a road trip without an overnight stay, the Empty Quarter’s pristine sand dunes are calling your name. It’s remote, challenging, and incredibly rewarding. You’ll need a 4×4, camping gear (no signs of civilization for miles), and nerves of steel. But the vast dunes and utter isolation make it a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

3. Jouf

This is probably the longest road trip on the list that will take you a little under 10 hours to complete. The province of Jouf is steeped in history. Be it the megalithic structures at Rajajeel or the imposing fort at Dummat Al-jandal. The road to Jouf passes by the large King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Nature Reserve so keep an eye out for the wildlife when you’re heading here and don’t forget to stock up on those bottles of olive oil that the place is famous for.


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4. Taif

Fancy some cooler weather, especially considering how harsh the summer has been? Head southwest to Taif, where the climate is just perfect for unwinding. The drive is an adventure in itself, with sweeping views abounding. If you haven’t been to Taif in quite a while, know that the city has added dozens of new attractions for tourists in the past few years.


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5. Qassim

Qassim is known for its palm groves that stretch for miles, rich culture, and hospitality that is not just hard to match but almost impossible to match. It’s just over a 3-hour journey to the northwest of Riyadh, and in no time you’ll find your eyes feasting on an endless sea of green palm groves.


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