5 Of The Best Things To Do In Riyadh This Winter To Embrace the Chill


While it may not snow in Riyadh, the city’s winter temperatures are well known around the country, which may come as a surprise to many, especially considering the kind of summers that the city experiences. Anyway, the city is a winter wonderland, regardless of whether there is snow or not. the city’s winter charm, we’ve curated a list of the best winter spots in Riyadh.

So, bundle up, sip on some hot cocoa, and explore the coziest corners of Riyadh together!

1. Picnic At Wadi Hanifa

Riyadh’s winter isn’t complete without a laid-back picnic along the scenic Wadi Hanifa. The entire stretch is a haven for those looking to spread a mat, savor some good food, and enjoy endless conversations amidst the cool winter breeze. While the popular spots are fantastic, don’t shy away from exploring the less-crowded stretches—they offer the perfect blend of privacy and tranquility without straying too far.


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2. Visit Every Zone Of The Riyadh Season

Riyadh winter is more magical thanks to the Riyadh season, which has given the city residents a crazy amount of things to do. Visiting each zone of Riyadh Season could take you well over a week—there’s just so many of them! Dive into the less-trodden zones (maybe not as boulevard-famous, but still pretty great) for unexpected delights and memorable experiences.


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3. Hike Near The Tuwaiq Escarpment

You’ll need a 4×4 to reach the best parts of the escarpment, and even if you don’t have one, you can always rent one out for some breathtaking views. Hike along the trails or set up a cozy picnic at the cliff’s edge to savor the winter sunshine. Just make sure you’re well away from the edge of the escarpment, and if you’ve got little ones in tow, this might be one to skip.


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4. Go Specialty Coffee Hopping

Winter in Riyadh calls for a café tour. The city is inundated with specialty cafes; there are, in fact, so many of them that you’re never far from one, no matter where you are in the city. Whether you’re into rich hot chocolates, aromatic coffees, or fancy teas, Riyadh has a spot for every caffeine lover. Who knows? you might stumble upon a hidden gem that the crowds haven’t discovered yet.

5. Play In The Snow At Snow City

For those yearning for a taste of winter complete with snow, head over to Snow City at Othaim Mall. It’s your one-stop destination for snowy delights, featuring sledges, slides, and snowmobiles that promise crazy fun, especially for the kiddos. It’s like a winter escape without leaving the city!


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