5 Pictures Of How Riyadh Has Beautifully Transformed Over The Years

Hera Shabbir

The Kingdom has had quite the jump over the years with technological progression, beautiful skyscrapers, and endless attractions

These selected photos display a side-to-side comparison of how Riyadh has transitioned over the years. From the 1950’s to 2022, the capital has thrived in transitioning to become one of the Arabian Peninsula’s most visited cities.

Riyadh 1950 v. Riyadh 2021

via oboudi/Flickr

This picture shows the view of a typical town in Riyadh of houses close together. At the time mud houses were the norm with only 2-3 floors. These days Riyadh has come to form some of the most beautiful buildings and compounds. The comparison is incredible!

Riyadh 1951 v. Riyadh 2019

This image shows the Riyadh market where people would spend their day to buy goods. As you can see most people are using donkeys as a means of transport. These days Riyadh has malls and boulevards for people to shop, accompanied by their beautiful luxurious cars.

Riyadh 1952 v Riyadh 2022

This image is of Riyadh airport where residents are seen nex to an airplane. Their clothing is also all traditional attire. Nowadays many more people travel on the daily and Saudi has now secured the Boeing 747, the famous double-decker plane.

Riyadh 1974 v Riyadh 2022

This is a picture of Riyadh city in the 70’s, as you can tell by the cars. Nowadays, there are so many stores and festivals going on in the city with amazing cars parked outside. Riyadh had a major upgrade on its roads and markets.

Riyadh 1986 v Riyadh 2022

This is a side-to-side of the roads in Riyadh, which were surrounded by palms and small government buildings back in the 80’s. The city is now home to tall skyscrapers and has become a concrete jungle.

Riyadh looked amazing throughout history with its rich culture which has transformed into modern ubrbanization. Let’s wait and see what Riyadh has planned for the next decade!


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