5 Places That You Never Knew Existed In Saudi Arabia


Yes, there’s Jeddah’s historic area, the enigmatic chiseled rock ruins of AlUla and the beautiful mountain vistas of the Sarawat Mountain range, but Saudi Arabia is way more than that and not all places are as famous as those but are equally worth visiting. Let’s take you through them.

1. Springs of Moses

There are a lot of places in the kingdom’s northwest that are associated with Prophet Moses and one such that are the Springs of Moses. This place near the small town of Maqna is where the springs have purportedly been gushing forth water in the desert right from the time of Prophet Moses. Intrigued?

2. Al Naslaa Rock

This mystery rock with a laser-like cut through its center has baffled many with photos of it resurfacing on the internet every now and then. You’ll find many theories online on its mystery laser-like cut but let’s not jump into them, some of which are totally absurd!

3. Yanbu Historic District

Jeddah’s historic heart is very well preserved and is a fine example of Hejazi architecture that has rightfully earned the coveted UNESCO World Heritage tag. But there’s another city in Saudi, Yanbu, that’s got a similar historic district with very well preserved historic structures built in the same Hejazi style. The best part about Yanbu’s historic district is that it sits right by the sea and has a bevy of cafes on its seafront making for a picture-perfect alfresco dining experience.


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4. Rajajeel

The UK’s Stonehenge is much celebrated but there is a place that’s kind of like it except that it’s way less popular – so less in fact that there’s a very good chance that you’ll have the place to yourself. The place is a mystery, with new archaeological digs bringing treasure troves of info but there’s still lots more to know about it.


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5. Dhaharan Al Junub

The architecture of the extreme south is so different from the rest of the country. There’s an entire neighborhood in this town that has a cluster of historic buildings. These buildings rise from the midst of verdant fields making it appear like the perfect spot to film the next Aladdin movie.


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