5 Reasons Why You’ve Got To Visit The Newly Reopened At-Turaif If You Haven’t Already


The ancient capital of the first Saudi dynasty, At-Turaif, has undergone a number of restoration projects over the years, but the newest one, after which it was opened to the public earlier this month, has made it one of the best tourist sites in the country. If you haven’t visited it yet, then here are 5 reasons to do so. Get to it, ASAP.

1. At-Turaif is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The important role that At-Turaif played in shaping Arabian history cannot be understated. This is where the story of modern Saudi Arabia all started, and that’s why many call it the cradle of the Saudi state. There’s history literally under every rock here.


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2. Even the celebs love it.

It’s just been over two weeks that it has opened, and it already has seen celebs like DJ Khaled, Dominc Thiem and Alexander Zverev. The place is undoubtedly turning into a hotspot for pretty much every celebrity visiting the nation.

3. It’s over 500 years old.

Yes, there are places in the country that are older than this, but the sheer scale of it, replete with palaces, gardens, and mosques, makes it one of the best places to get a hang of Arabian history. It’s bound to give you those Arabian Nights vibes.


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4. The masterfully curated museums here are just wow

From a museum that’s dedicated to age-old coins and commerce to one that traces the history of the place back to 400 CE, At-Turaif is home to almost a half-dozen masterfully curated museums. They’re not as big as Riyadh’s National Museum, but they do have plentiful goodies to wow you.

5. It’s home to the best dining destination in the country.

Bujairi Terrace is hands down one of the best dining destinations in the country, being home to close to two dozen world-class restaurants. Can you think of any other place that will leave you spoilt for choice as such? Technically, it’s not part of At-Turaif, but it’s right next to it, so we’re including it anyway. Feeling those hunger pangs already.


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