5 Relatable Summer Videos That Prove Saudi’s Heat Is Like None Other

Hera Shabbir

July is officially here, and you know what that means ☀️.

Saudi Arabia’s heat is like no other, making summer always unforgettable. Although vibrant nightlife in cities keeps the fun going after dark, spending the summer season in the Kingdom brings a bunch of unique experiences. Scroll down to check out 5 videos that showcase things you’ll only come across when spending summer in Saudi Arabia!

5. Casually cooking eggs under the Saudi sun

@sirdancimehmet #suudiarabia🇸🇦🇹🇷🇹🇷 #şırdancımehmet @Şırdancımehmetarabistan ♬ original sound – 🇴🇲بن_علی عمانی🇵🇰🤍

Everyone knows it gets super hot mid-day with temperatures ranging from high 40’s to sometimes hitting 50 degrees celsius! This means that the UV rays are INTENSE and the sun is shining bright on the Kingdom. This resident took to the streets to do a little experiment of cooking eggs under the sun, which was a shocking success! The internet was absolutely in awe of the cooked egg that he was seen eating right off the platform.

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4. If you wear glasses then you know this struggle

@thisismyysecretaccount THE HUMIDITY I JUST CANT #saudiarabia #saudi #humidity #summerheat #extremeheat #glassesstruggle ♬ sprinkle of nostalgia – :0

The summer humidity gets real this time around and if you’re wearing glasses then you’ve definitely experienced the foggy lenses. This usually happens when someone steps out of a cooled environment, into the humid outdoors.

3. It’s best to eat your ice cream outside in Saudi

@karina_rybko I think it’s not the best idea to eat ice cream outside when it’s 47•c 😅🇸🇦 #ksa#riyadh ♬ Makeba (Ian Asher Remix) – Jain & Ian Asher

If you’re heading to the Baqala then make sure you run into your car ASAP because the heat will melt that thing right down.

2. Being drenched in water is the key to beating the heat

@baraa.bolat☀️♬ original sound – ALIYABNA⏰🔏

If you’re visiting the Kingdom during summer for Umrah or even just tourism purposes, then keep a water bottle handy because you won’t just be drinking it but also drenching yourself in it. This visitor was seen doing exactly that in Madinah when it was 42 degrees celsius.

1. You definitely won’t need a hairdryer in the summer

@sarasarasid How to dry my hair in 42 degrees🇸🇦🥰💚 #ksa #summer #saudiarabia #saudi #fyp ♬ original sound – AjWavy

When you take a shower then drying your hair will definitely not be an issue here because as soon as you step outside, give it 5 mins, you’ll be good to go!

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