5 Stadiums Saudi Arabia Could Potentially Host The 2034 World Cup Games

Hera Shabbir

Now that news has been circulating about Saudi Arabia hosting the 2034 FIFA World Cup, it’s time to get planning. People are already ecstatic about seeing their home country host one of the world’s most famous and international football games in history! Saudi has some amazing potential for hosting the games, considering the preexisting passion and presence of football enthusiasts. Although Saudi has many potential stadiums that will adequately host the football matches, these 5 are some of the most prominent spots that FIFA 2034 could be held.

5 Stadiums Saudi Arabia Could Potentially Host The 2034 World Cup Games 

5. King Fahd Stadium

King Fahd Stadium, also nicknamed “The Tent” or “Pearl of Stadiums”, is located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The stadium itself can seat up to almost 70,000 spectators at once! King Fahd Stadium is currently used mostly for football matches as the home of Al Hilal SFC and the Saudi national team. The stadium is already getting a total makeover for the 2027 Asian Cup, so it’s only getting bigger!

4. King Abdullah Stadium

This spot is located in Jeddah and is prominently known as ‘Radiant Jewel,’ This stadium is actually the largest stadium in Jeddah and hosts some of the biggest sporting events throughout the year. King Abdullah International Stadium is divided into multiple sections, and the first section can accommodate up to 24,000 viewers, second takes 24,000 viewers, while the third section has 14,000 seats, this totals up to over 60,000 people! It even has access for spectators with special needs and disabilities.

3. Qiddiya Stadium

Qiddiya is one of Saudi’s most prominent and exciting upcoming projects, which features an amazing stadium. Qiddiya stadium, which is set to complete within the next few years.  The stadium itself can accommodate around 40,000 spectators! The stadium will also feature VIP and VVIP lounges for special guests and corporate spectators.

2. Jeddah Central Stadium

Jeddah Central Stadium is yet another spectacular upcoming project that Saudi is working on and it might just be a contender for the FIFA 2034 World Cup. The project itself is set to be completed in 2030, just in time for the tournament.  The stadium will accomodate around 45,000 spectators, and has a beautiful design inspired by Jeddah’s iconic historical district of Al Balad.

1. Dammam Stadium

Dammam Stadium is another one currently in the works, set to be completed for the 2027 Asian Cup Games held in the Kingdom. The spot will also accommodate around 40,000 spectators and has a gorgeous sleek design.

Although the Kingdom isn’t afraid of building brand new projects for the future, these stadiums are just a few of many that could potentially be a hosting hub for the FIFA 2034 World Cup games! ⚽️🇸🇦


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