5 Videos That Prove Aseer Needs To Be Your Summer Destination

Hera Shabbir

Aseer contains the most stunning views, offering a retreat from summer heat with its cool temperatures. Its scenic beauty captivates visitors with lush greenery and breathtaking landscapes.

Scroll down to watch five compelling videos that will surely inspire you to plan your visit to Aseer right away!

5. The weather is cold enough to layer up in June!

via @Celebrty_0/X
This video shows how cold the area actually gets in the middle of June, while other cities in Saudi are undergoing a heatwave! If you’re looking to cool off in the summer without booking that pricey trip to Europe, then Aseer is the answer!

4. The greenery brings all kinds of positive vibes

Via @AzeezLazez/XThe drive up there will bring you the most gorgeous views that you will definitely enjoy. From the gorgeous green mountains, to the smooth roads that bring a cool breeze, Aseer is worth the road trip ASAP.

3. The diverse views won’t leave you bored

Via @vero.jurjewna/IG

From the historical Rijal Almaa, gorgeous fields, and unique traditional architecture, the Aseer region also brings a wide array of culture. You definitely won’t get bored here so pack your bags and head on over!

2. This is what the weather in August gets like

Via @AzeezLazez/X

Someone posted this video of a huge hailstorm in the region, in the middle of August. Majority of the cities in the Kingdom are known to heat up to highs of 40 and 50 degrees C, but this isn’t the case in Aseer. This region welcomes rainy days with cool breezes and hailstorms during the summer month! What more do you need?

1. You can enjoy adventurous activities like these!

Via @ryma080/X

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and a sucker for awesome views, then Aseer is the place to be. This spot has a bunch of outdoor activities to help you soak in the good weather with some memorable activities. Just LOOK at this gorgeous view!

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