5 Videos That Prove Saudi’s Greener Side Is Absolutely Stunning

Hera Shabbir

Everyone knows Saudi Arabia has got some vast deserts and are familiar with its warmer side. However, after recent tourism programs, the world is finally getting to see Saudi Arabia’s true beauty within its greener and mountainous regions. Not only is the Kingdom home to all kinds of different seasons, these luscious green spots contain beautiful valleys, fields, rivers, waterfalls, and in the winter even some heavy snow! Scroll through to check out some videos that prove how beautiful and majestic the greener side of Saudi Arabia is, and promptly plan your trip to visit!

5. Imagine driving to this serene view of Rijal Almaa

You can find this gorgeous spot in the ‘Asir Region of Saudi Arabia. It is about 50 km west of Abha and has history dating back to over 900 years! The historical structures are even said to look like gingerbread houses from tourists during their visits.

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4. The gorgeous meadows around Taif are worth all your insta pics!

This spot in Taif is filled with gorgeous meadows like these. The green fields, vibrant flowers, and huge palm trees show how Saudi Arabia doesn’t have any FOMO when it comes to green and tropical areas!

3. The cloudy mountains of Faifa are where you should be in the summer

The Faifa mountains are one of the most famous spots in the Kingdom. Located in the Jizan region of Saudi, Faifa is known for its Hanging Village and endlessly green mountains and fresh air. If you’re sick of the summer heat in the city, then Faifa is the place you need to be.

2. Enjoying the rain with this view of Aseer is an UNREAL feeling

Nope, this is not Europe guys. Aseer is one of the most greenest and mountainous spots in Saudi Arabia that has the most tropical weather. You can head on over any time of year and will definitely have a memorable experience. The cool breeze, fresh greenery, huge mountains, beautiful roads, and crisp air will make you forget all about the summer heat!

1. Experiencing green bliss at Addayer Jizan

This spot is located in the Jizan region of Saudi Arabia, and is known for its rainy weather. Try and head over here for your next long weekend because the drive up here can take around 12 hours!


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