5 Yummy Spots Offering Stunning City Views Of The Capital

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh, a city of modern marvels and ancient charm, boasts some of the most breathtaking city views in the world! From the towering skyscrapers, historical landmarks, to the daily hustle and bustle in the capital, every corner glistens with beauty! Dining atop a high-rise restaurant is a MUST to soak in the gorgeous views of the capital, and some of these spots feature absolute top-notch views, quite literally.

Scroll through to check out some of the best places to grab a yummy bite and enjoy a breathtaking view of Riyadh!

5. Admire Faisaliyah tower from IDMI Coffee Roasting Co.

This spot is a top pick for people looking to have a delicious cup of coffee, watching the traffic go by in front of Faisaliyah tower. Try and go here in the afternoon, to get a stunning view of golden hour!

4. Take in the grand views of Kingdom Tower from Al Masaa Cafe

This place is actually perfect this time around, because of the serene winter vibes. Al Masaa cafe brings you the most delicious bites, as you cozy up by Kingdom Tower taking in the grand view. Make sure to bring your squad to this one, and they’ll definitely thank you for the stunning views.


3. Enjoy KAFD’s skyline from Al Ghadeer Walkway

Consdiering the numerous coffee spots near this area, Al Ghadeer Walkway is actually the perfect place to sit, enjoy your hot cuppa, and look at Riyadh’s favorite concrete jungle of KAFD, glisten in the day and sparkle at night.


2. Watch the sunset at Mid Sajj Cafe

This place is another favorite spot for those of you looking to get a good view of KAFD. Their delicious desserts and first-class coffee will have you taking in the sunset with the best vibes. You most likely will stay until the evening, so make sure to set your cameras in night mode!


1. Get an elevated view of the capital from The Globe

This restaurant, located in Al Faisaliyah Tower, brings you the most sparkly view of the capital, especially at night! Dine on your evening meals as you watch the city sparkle from above.


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