7 International Cuisine Spots To Explore Global Flavors Around Riyadh

Riyadh's Global Gastronomy With These 7 Foodie Hotspots You Can't Miss

7 International Cuisine Spots To Explore Global Flavors Around Riyadh

Deciding where to eat in Riyadh can be tough these days with so many restaurants to choose from!

So sit back, relax, and let us do the thinking for you, making your weekend dining as effortless as a nice stroll through the park on a sunny afternoon!


7. Blanca ( for a good Italian Cuisine)

Many people around the world love Italian food, especially pasta! If you’re craving Italian flavors, Blanca is the place to be😍

@around.town Blanca Pizzeria 😋 9/10 #fyp #riyadh #blanca #explore #الرياض #مطعم #اكسبلور ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) [2018 Remaster] – Kate Bush

6. Indian Palace Restaurant (for that Indian kick)

Indians are famous for their vibrant blend of flavors. Whether you’re longing for garlic naan or a veggie-packed samosa, Indian Palace is the go-to spot 😋

@al_jawharuh اعلان/ عرض الفطور عند قصر الهند 6اصناف لذيذه ب49ريال فقط /المطعم معروف موجود منذ ١٤٢٧ ⁠- ⁠يوجد ٧ فروع بالرياض – ٣ فروع فعلية و ٤ سحابية – حي القدس شارع سعود الكبير – ⁠مخرج ١١ شارع عبدالرحمن الغافقي – ⁠البديعه – ⁠و ٤ فروع سحابيه بالنرجس والملقا والملك فهد ولبن #قصر_الهند #مطاعم_الرياض #مطعم_هندي_اكله_لذيذ_ #explore #foryou #fyp @مطعم قصر الهند| Indian Palace ♬ الصوت الأصلي – ترند لايف

7 International Cuisine Spots To Explore Global Flavors Around Riyadh

5. L’ami Dave (for an evening in Paris)

Do you ever crave a dining experience that feels like a scene from a romantic movie? French cuisine can deliver that vibe! And L’ami Dave is one of Riyadh’s French restaurants to capture that feeling ❤️

@welcomesaudiCheck out ✨ L’AMI DAVE ✨ @lamidaveriyadh as featured on Welcome Saudi website 🌐 if you’re looking for a great high end French restaurant 🇫🇷 in Mansard Hotel, A Radisson Collection Hotel in Riyadh. 🇸🇦 L’Ami Dave offers an exceptional menu with French classic dishes that are prepared to perfection. ✨ Signature starters (Entrees) include Foie Gras des Landes, 🦆 Escargots de Bourgogne, 🐌 Carpaccio D’Agneau with Black Truffle, and Salade Frisée. 🥗 Main courses (Plats Principal) include: Cote Moutons Grillee (double lamb chops), 🍖Cote Veau Grillee (roasted veal), 🥩 Saumon Ratatouille (Seared Salamon) 🐟 and many more. 😋 Signature desserts include Gâteau Opéra à la Reese’s, 🍰 Chiffon de Limon 🍋and Ananas Tarte. 🥧♬ original sound – Welcome Saudi

4. Kuru (Get some of those Vietnamese flavours)

Ever tasted something that totally surprised you, with flavors you couldn’t quite place? Vietnamese cuisine does that every time! Kuru is one of the spots in Riyadh to enjoy delicious Vietnamese dishes😌

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7 International Cuisine Spots To Explore Global Flavors Around Riyadh

3. Chinwa Restaurant (Some Chinese Soup for your soul)

If you’re Chinese or have been to China, you know Chinese food isn’t always sweet. It can be frustrating when everything tastes sugary. But fear not! Chinwa serves authentic Chinese soup that will warm your heart 🍜

@skylou20 Walang pera for other thingd pero may budget pa nman sa foods!!🙈 #fypシ #chinwarestaurantriyadh #ramen ♬ Waiting Here Sa Pila – Klyde

2. Wakami Restaurant (for all the Japanese food lovers)

Have you ever tried soy sauce that hit the perfect balance between sweet and salty? Or a Tom Yum soup so tasty, you couldn’t stop thinking about it? That’s the kind of deliciousness you’ll find at Wakami. Swing by and see for yourself!

@donrafat_74 #sushilover #sushi🍣_edit🍵 #wakami_sushi#riyadh🇸🇦 #saudiarabia#japanesefood #great_taste #سوشي#واكامي#اليابان#الرياض#السعودية🇸🇦 #حي_الياسمين_بالرياض #مطاعم#مطاعم_الرياض🍽 ♬ The Champion – Lux-Inspira

7 International Cuisine Spots To Explore Global Flavors Around Riyadh

1. Dar Alauja (you can always depend on the Saudi cuisine to fill you up)

Imagine taking a bite of Maqluba or Kabsa and all you can say is ‘Yum!’ Especially when paired with hot sauce, tahini, and a refreshing drink. That’s the experience you’ll get at Dar Alauja, one of Riyadh’s finest in Saudi cuisine. They know just how to do it right!

@daralauja مقتطفات فطور #دار_العوجا 😋🧡 #دار_العوجا #المنتخب_السعودي #كاس_العالم_2022 #فطور #كافيهات_الرياض #كوفي #مبارايات #كبده #شكشوكة #كرك #الشتاء #الرياض_الان ♬ الصوت الأصلي – Daralauja – دار العوجا

And that’s a wrap for our global cuisine listicle today! To keep up with all the delicious offerings here in Riyadh and stay updated on the newest news in Riyadh, click the link below. ❤️


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