7 Spots To Flex Saudi-Made Goodness To Your Friends In Riyadh

Hera Shabbir
Supporting local restos in Saudi Arabia is more than just savoring delicious cuisine, but is also about fostering a sense of community and preserving cultural flavors! Embracing traditional Saudi eateries celebrates culinary heritage, offering a mosaic of tastes from fragrant Kabsa to delectable Mandi, and of course some delicious rice pudding! Scroll through for a list of some of Riyadh’s best local eateries that you can totally show off to your friends the next time they’re visiting!

7. Aseeb Najd

This restaurant has the cutest backstory of the owners being the most adorable couple that opened up this spot together! Their mutual love for Najdi cuisine prompted them to share the delicious flavors with the community. The vibe, ambiance, and delicious meals are definitely worth a try if you’re trying to show off the traditional side of Saudi!

6. Ashjar Cafe

The city’s vibrant coffee scene boasts a bunch of different venues specializing in unique brews, but Ashjar Café has distinguished itself since its 2020 debut. This hotspot is known for having the best views, richest coffee, and is 100% local! Best part is, there’s even a wide collection of activities like pot painting, kids’ activities, limo block painting, and so much more!

5. Section B Burger

Section-B has evolved into a total burger EMPIRE crafted by six enterprising Saudis Mansour, Fahad, Mohammed, Mostafa, Faisal, and Baraa. This delicious joint has the ultimate patties that will have you definitely ordering more! Support local, and bring your friends to this favorite burger spot for a taste of authentic Saudi skill.

4. Nakhati


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This spot is definitely worth keeping on your list for a sweet moment. Nakhati’s gelato has the most Saudi-inspired flavors that you’d definitely wanna flex on your friends. Make sure you try their date maamoul flavor, or their rich mango sorbet.

3. Smokey Beards Q

This spot probably has the most interesting back-story as ex Outlawz member Mutah Beale is actually the co-owner. This Texas-style smokehouse welcomed quite the inflow of famous faces included Kanye West, Macklemore, Oleksandr Usyk and many more! This spot is almost always crowded as people flock up to get a taste of the meaty goodness!

2. So Matcha


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This one’s for those Matcha fans coming from abroad that just want a taste of the green delicacy. So Matcha was actually founded by Yara Al Namlah, a famous Saudi blogger and everyone’s favorite now that she introduced Matcha to Saudi’s society. And if that wasn’t enough, the popular spot even went global with a pop-up in London, and did a bunch of different collabs with brands like New Balance and Level Shoes.

1. Noug


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It doesn’t get more Saudi than you enjoying a full glass of Camel Milk. Noug actually specializes in giving out the rich goodness in coffees, desserts, and also just containers of fresh camel milk that is given to hundreds of people on the daily. When you’re looking for a tummy-filling coffee experience, then bring your friends to this spot.


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