9 Fully-Operating Cinemas In Riyadh And Where You Can Find Them


In 2017, the Ministry of Culture and Information announced as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 initiative that public movie theaters would be allowed by the end of the year.

Within 2 years of this decision, 7 cinema companies have succeeded to obtain the license to operate in the kingdom, and more than 12 movie theatres have opened in various Saudi cities, despite the lack of readiness of locations and markets.

Here is the complete list of current and upcoming cinemas’ locations and details;

1. King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) – AMC Cinemas

The first cinema opened in Saudi Arabia. It has been classified as one of the best movie theatres in the world.

No. Of Screens: 1

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2. Riyadh Park – Vox Cinemas

First Location of Emirati’s Vox cinemas in KSA – cinema extensions to be opened soon

No. of screens: 4

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3. Al Qasr Mall – Vox Cinemas 

The best theatre to watch your movie, if you are in the south of Riyadh

No. of screens: 15

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4. Kingdom center – Vox Cinemas 

The most luxurious cinema experience in the Middle East

No. of Screens: 8

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5. The Roof Mall  Vox Cinemas

Best cinema venue to watch your movie, if you are in the north of Riyadh

No. of screens: 8

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6. Riyadh Front – Vox Cinemas

The largest number of screens in the capital including children, VIP, and regular screens.

No. of screens: 18

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7.  Panorama Mall – AMC Cinemas 

It features an amazing cinema experience with the comfiest and most luxurious seating at the regular ticket price.

No. of Screens: 10

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8. Al Hamra Mall – Muvi Cinemas 

First Saudi cinema brand in Riyadh

No. of Screens: 6

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9. Atyaf Mall  Vox Cinemas

Best cinema venue to watch your movie, if you are in the east of Riyadh

No. of screens: 11

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Movie theatres Opening Soon In Riyadh

  • AMC Cinemas –Riyadh Gallery
  • Vox Cinemas – Sahara Mall
  • AMC Cinemas – Al-Azizia Plaza
  • AMC Cinemas – Al Makan Mall
  • Muvi Cinemas – Al-Nakheel Mall
  • Muvi Cinemas – U- Walk


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