A Bunch Of Saudi Nationals Prepared A Traditional Wedding For An Egyptian Resident’s Son

Hera Shabbir

In a kind and heartwarming gesture on by the Saudi people, the tribe of Al-Ma’an Balhamr in Abha prepared an extravagant marriage ceremony for the son of an Egyptian resident. Professor Muhammad Arafa was a friend of the community, thus inspiring them to commit to the heartfelt gesture.

Professor Muhammad Arafa is well-known residents of the city for over 40 years!

@belhamer #بلحمر ♬ الصوت الأصلي – سناب قبيلة ال لمعان بلحمر 🇸🇦

He gave a heartfelt thank you to the community of Abha and their dedication to making his son’s special day EXTRA perfect.Deputy of the local tribe, Sheikh Turki bin Ayedh, was also in attendance and blessed the father and his son personally after presenting the invitation to him. He also gifted the father and son a whopping 22 thousand riyals, with in addition to special wedding gifts  💚

The attendees celebrated with Al Madqal, a dance similar to the Ardha traditional sword dance

@belhamer #بلحمر ♬ الصوت الأصلي – سناب قبيلة ال لمعان بلحمر 🇸🇦

Approximately 85,000 Riyals were presented to the father on the occasion of his son’s marriage, with the assistance and presence of more many different tribes in the region.

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