A Cat In Riyadh Was Miraculously Rescued After Being Stuck In A Pipe For 10 Days


The capital recently witnessed a purr-fectly delightful tale of bravery and camaraderie! In a heartwarming display of compassion and teamwork, rescuers in the Saudi capital Riyadh successfully freed a stranded cat that had been stuck in a house sanitation pipe for an astonishing ten days.

The rescue operation was carried out by a dedicated team from the Riyadh mayoralty, who collaborated with some passionate volunteers *cat-vengers* to bring the feline to safety, according to the Gulf News.

The 240-hour rescue mission was initiated after local authorities received an alert about the distressed cat, which had somehow become trapped in the long pipe within a house located in the Al Mansoura district.

Determined to save the animal, the team of rescuers worked tirelessly day and night to devise a plan and execute the operation with precision.

Finally, after a heroic effort, the cat was rescued from its precarious situation and gently handed over to an individual who expressed a genuine interest in providing the caring and nurturing environment it deserved.

The Riyadh mayoralty’s exemplary intervention in freeing the cat received widespread appreciation, with the chairwoman of the board of the Saudi Animal Welfare Society, Princess Modi bint Fahd, expressing her gratitude in a heartfelt letter of thanks to the authorities. The rescue operation also highlighted the importance of animal welfare in the region.

The Saudi Animal Welfare Society, known as Refq, played a crucial role in the aftermath of the rescue, announcing that the cat would be named “Amana,” which means both “mayoralty” and “trust” in Arabic, as a symbol of appreciation for the Riyadh mayoralty’s dedication to saving the animal. That’s one befitting name!


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