A Group Of Artists Brought Vision 2030 Projects To Life In Their Stunning Paintings

Hera Shabbir

Everyone knows Vision 2030 will be a HUGE change for Saudi Arabia, as a BUNCH of mega projects are in store. The country is set to totally transform in the next seven years with famous projects like ‘The Line,’ ‘Murabba,’ ‘King Salman Park,’ and many more. These artists went ahead to bring these famous projects to life in their stunning artwork that instantly sold out. It was a reunion of the GCC as artist from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait came together to display some of the most captivating artwork.

Saudi artist Najla Al Saleem painted this GORGEOUSLY detailed piece of ‘The Line’

The exhibition, held by the BMG foundation at the Library Club displayed work of places like Diriyah, Qiddiya, The Line, Red Sea, AlUla and even some pieces of cities around Saudi Arabia.

Qatari artist Lina Alaali also showcased some of her masterpieces that instantly sold out!

Lina is known as quite the artist back home, and has over 40 thousand followers. The Qatari talent mentioned how Saudi is  her second country, and was more than thrilled to paint Vision 2030 projects, showcasing the huge potential of the Kingdom to the world. Her main theme was women, as most of her work showed a woman dressed in a traditional green dress, in front of many iconic spots around the Kingdom.

Kuwaiti National Rania Abulhasan also stole the show with her amazing collection!

She featured traditional garments, her “Zai” collection, and five GORGEOUS paintings as tribute to famous places around Saudi Arabia.

The Diplomacy of Art exhibition is known to display and support Saudi’s modern art scene, by giving renowned artists a platform to display their works throughout the country


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