A Guide To Riyadh City Boulevard’s Best Restaurants And Cafés


The Riyadh City Boulevard is so huge that you could spend hours on end roaming the different zones it’s been divided into. The numerous restaurants and cafés that have set up shop here are a key draw. We guide you through the best of them.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that reservations for these places must be made using The Chefz app.

1. Al-Hilal Café

This café has been a huge hit thanks to the supporters of Riyadh-based Al-Hilal FC that the capital has no shortage of. The price of admission is 250 riyals per head.

2. Al Nassr Café

How can you have an Al Hilal Café and not have an Al Nassr one close by? If you’re a true Al Nassr fan you won’t mind shelling the SAR300 they’re charging for entry.

3. El Mahrousa Restaurant

There’s delectable Egyptian food, live performances and musical evenings on offer here. What more could you ask from a nice dinner experience? Entry starts from SAR350 without the musical evening experience.

4. Beirut Khanum

Beirut Khanum is a prominent fine-dining restaurant in Dubai, and they’ve just opened a location in Riyadh City Boulevard for Riyadh Season. Fans of Lebanese cuisine will feel right at home here. You’ll have to shell SAR 300 for entry though.


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