A Guide To The Best Pet-Friendly Spots In Riyadh


If you’re struggling to have a nice cuppa at a café while having your furball with you then you’re definitely not alone. But let there be no more guilt inside you when you go for a cuppa as there’s a decent amount of pet-friendly places in the capital where your four-legged pals can tag along with you.

1. Luca Land

This is a massive-sized dog park and is the first of its kind in its country. Cynophilists (that’s people who love dogs) have Riyadh Season to thank for this. It has a bevy of cafes and a lot of places where dogs can have fun. They do have an entry ticket though of SR50.


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2. Cup And Cat Cafe

This is the purr-fect place to take your cats. They’ll get to play with other resident cats and kittens and, you’ll get to enjoy a nice cuppa and mingle with other feline-lovers.


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3. The Barking Lot

Believe it or not, this dog café first started in neighbouring Kuwait. It proved to be a super success there so it first spread to Al Khobar and then to Riyadh. It was a lifesaver for doggo owners as they’ve even got pet sitters here. The best part is that while you’re having your cuppa, your doggo can be getting all pampered at the grooming section. Just an FYI – it’s closed on Sundays.


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