A Man Walks From Dubai To Riyadh Hoping To Meet Ronaldo

A Man Walks From Dubai To Riyadh Hoping To Meet Ronaldo

A dedicated fan of Cristiano Ronaldo has completed an incredible journey from Dubai to Riyadh, covering a distance of 1,200 km over 36 days!

Civin KP, originally from Kerala, India, embarked on this challenging adventure with one goal in mind – to meet his idol, the Al-Nassr star.

Civin was hoping for a chance to meet his hero, Ronaldo!

Upon arriving in the Saudi capital, Civin expressed his excitement, hoping for a chance encounter with Ronaldo at the Al-Awal Park, where Al-Nassr plays its official games. Sharing his journey on Instagram, Civin documented his visit to the stadium, where he even managed to take a seat at the home team’s bench and stroll along the pitch-side of the 25,000-capacity venue.

He describes his journey as one of respect and love for the football star!

Driven by his deep admiration for Ronaldo, Civin described his journey as a gesture of respect and love for the renowned footballer, who has captivated fans worldwide with his exceptional skills and passion for the game. Despite the challenges of the grueling walk, Civin remains hopeful for the opportunity to meet his idol.

Civin expressed his utmost gratitude to be able to embark on such a journey

While Civin awaits the chance to fulfill his dream of meeting Ronaldo, he reflects on the unexpected joys of his journey, expressing gratitude for the experience. With unwavering faith and determination, Civin continues to pray for the moment when his dream will become a reality.

Although Ronaldo was absent from the match between Al-Nassr and Al-Fayha, Civin had the opportunity to witness his favorite team’s victory firsthand. Despite the disappointment of not seeing Ronaldo play due to suspension, Civin remains optimistic, cherishing every moment of his journey and the anticipation of what lies ahead.


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