A New Spot In Riyadh Has Become The Ultimate Luxury Destination And Here’s Why

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh just gets better and better by the second and this new edition is a must-visit. From thrilling amusement parks, totally awesome entertainment zones, and delicious restaurants, Riyadh also knows how to bring you the finest luxury. That’s exactly why you need to check out VIA Riyadh ASAP and live lavishly 💅

VIA Riyadh is overflowing with different luxurious experiences in the capital

The spot opened doors to the public yesterday and it was amazing. VIA Riyadh is known to be the capital’s latest luxury destination which features restaurants, a cinema, Saudi’s first St. Regis Hotel, and many different shopping outlets.

Turki Al-Sheikh, chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, inaugurated the site accompanied by some awesome fireworks 🙌

The cinemas here will totally enhance your movie experience 😍

John Legend also performed the most awesome concert there!

Looks like everyone’s Thursday nights will definitely be spent here 👀


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