A New Zone Has Opened In Riyadh Season And Entry To It Is Absolutely Free


Riyadh Season just got even more exciting with the unveiling of a new zone, and the best part? Entry is absolutely free! The zone called Souq AlAwaleen is a place that takes you on a journey through the rich tapestry of an old Najdi market.

Stepping into Souq AlAwaleen is like stepping into a time machine. Imagine the aroma of traditional goods, the vibrant colours, and the bustle of a classical Arabian souq.

This is not just a shopping destination; you’ll encounter more than just market stalls.

The place promises captivating performances, traditional handicrafts, and loads of traditional Najdi food to gorge on. There’s even a Najdi Horror House here!

So grab your friends and family and head to this free-entry zone for an unforgettable blend of tradition, entertainment, and shopping.

You’ll need to book tickets on https://webook.com/en before you go.

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