A Riyadh Based Videographer Takes The Most Aesthetic Clips Of The Capital

Hera Shabbir

Riyadh is a capital that’s growing on the daily and has a bunch of attractions worth looking at. From KAFD’s stunning architecture, to Olaya Street’s sparkly lights at night, to even the daily hustle and bustle the city, Riyadh really is something. However, when it comes to capturing cinematic aesthetics of the city, Mohamed Kandlgi is the pro to follow. His videos of life in the city, skyline views, and famous spots has his thousands of followers obsessed with all his work.

This video makes Riyadh look absolutely delightful in the summer ☀️


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A post shared by Mohamed kandlgi | محمد قندلجي (@mohamedk994)

Mohamed made sure to capture the city hustle, pretty artwork around the block, and turn Riyadh into a whole movie aesthetic!

The Riyadh skyline has never looked better!

This video itself got over 30 THOUSAND likes, and people in the comments are obsessed. Some even said he made Riyadh look better than NYC, and that’s definitely true.

These views are so refreshing!

Riyadh city lights up in all different seasons, and Mohamed made sure to show the public Riyadh in its winter element. With the dense clouds, tall skyscrapers, and vast views the capital is absolutely THRIVING.

Mohamad also has quite the passion when it comes to cars and made some impressive edits 🔥

This one’s for all the classic car lovers. The GMC C10 is just something else, and thanks to Mohamed’s unique edit, this could practically be a movie trailer for the truck!

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