A Saudi Designer Made The Most Exquisite Jacket As An Ode To Saudi Heritage

Hera Shabbir

Saudi is full of a bunch of talented designers that lit up the stage at Riyadh Fashion Week. One designer in particular however made the most gorgeous jacket in honor of Saudi Heritage and you have to check it out.

Designer Naif Al Haif made this gorgeous ‘Salwa Jacket’ in honor of the famous heritage site


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The designer first showcased this awesome piece at the Saudi 100 Brands exhibition which had EVERYONE talking. The jacket itself is featured for the Nobel and Fresh line that Naif is actually the creative director for.

You can see hints of Salwa Palace in the details of the jacket


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When you look closer into the stitching of the jacket, the design is actually layered exactly like the architecture of Salwa Palace.

The famous palac in Diriyah was once said to be the original home of the Al Saud royal family

You can actually visit this UNESCO heritage site at Diriyah district in Riyadh. The clay-like architecture really stands out among the urban life of the capital, and is definitely a place worth visiting.

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