A Saudi Doctor Has Won The Arab Geniuses Award


Dr. Hani Negm, the Head of Adult and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Cleveland Clinic, is one of the prominent doctors from the Arab World. Over the year’ he has built a rep for tackling the trickiest heart surgeries out there. And, now he’s been awarded the Arab Geniuses Award in the Medicine category.

Just to show you the kind of surgeries he’s done Dr. Hani pulled off something incredible in 2021 when he removed a tumour from a foetus’s heart while it was still in its mom’s womb.

He and his team opened up the mom’s belly, fixed up the little one’s heart, and popped it back into the uterus. And guess what? Smooth sailing from there—no hiccups during the birth.

The Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced that Dr. Hani snagged the Arab Geniuses Award.

It’s like the Arab world’s version of the Nobel Prize.

Why was Dr. Hani picked? Well, he has aced over 10,000 heart surgeries for both adults and kiddos. Oh, and he’s also developed a self-expanding heart valve for children!

Hold onto your hat because it gets better. This Arab Geniuses Award isn’t your run-of-the-mill recognition.

Sheikh Mohammed tossed a cool 100 million dirhams into the pot to discover top-notch talents in various fields like medicine, tech, economics, and the arts.

It’s almost like a nod to the fact that Arabs have been rocking the science scene since forever.

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