A Saudi Man Traveled All The Way To Indonesia To Attend His Houseworker’s Wedding

A Saudi Man Traveled All The Way To Indonesia To Attend His Employee's Wedding

Riyad Al Attiyah, a young Saudi man, embarked on a touching voyage to Indonesia to partake in the wedding festivities of his devoted houseworker, Miri

Miri, an indispensable member of Riyad’s family for more than thirty years, has been an influential figure in his life since he was just two years old. Beyond assisting in Riyad’s upbringing, Miri has also been a primary caregiver for his mother, who faces quadriplegia. Their enduring connection was beautifully symbolized at the wedding, where Riyad, dressed in a traditional Saudi bisht, proudly escorted Miri down the aisle.

He also gifted Miri with thoughtful gifts for her big day

As a token of his appreciation, Riyad gifted Miri with gold and 10,000 riyals, symbolizing his gratitude and affection for her longstanding dedication and service. The wedding ceremony itself was a celebration of love, unity, and cultural exchange, as Riyad immersed himself in the vibrant Indonesian traditions and customs.

A bridge of culture

Through his heartfelt journey to Indonesia, Riyad not only honored Miri’s milestone but also exemplified the transformative power of compassion and human connection in enriching lives and bridging cultures.


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