A Saudi Skateboarding Team Is Taking Over The Community And You Have To Check Them Out

Hera Shabbir

If you’re into the skating scene then you need to check out this new club of skaters that just formed in the Kingdom. From skateboarding, to board tricks, to even rollerblading, these guys are taking over the capital with their shared talents and passion.

The Desert Eagles are a new and upcoming skating community that welcomes all fellow skaters to take over the streets of Riyadh 🔥


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The Desert Eagles welcome fellow athletes to showcase their unique talents and encourage everyone to excel in their particular sport/skill. Their club consists of 10 members who formed on basis of talent, experience, and dedication to the sport. They’re actually recruiting for people to join them on their journey of shared passion for sports.

The team also welcomes women skaters of the community to join in on the sport


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Shareef Masarani is actually the leader of the squad who encourages the youth and all skating community around the kingdom to join them on their journey. Reef Hassan is one of the female skaters on the team that makes the sport look so appealing in her videos! It’s amazing to see the skating community rise in the Kingdom to enjoy and excel in the awesome sport! So if you’re an avid skater and want to join your people, give these guys a follow! 


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