A Saudi Woman Files Lawsuit Against Husband For Refusing To Get Children Vaxxed


There are anti-vaxxers still out there. One such anti-vaxxer recently got a summons from his wife’s lawyer for not getting their children vaxxed.

According to the Arabic newspaper Al-Rai, the Saudi woman’s complaint claims that her father is denying her children access to school and normal life.

“What the guardian did comes under Article 2 of the child protection legislation, and situations of neglect that demand responsibility,” the woman’s lawyer, Faisal bin Turki Gharbi, told Al-Rai.

The lawyer went on to say that whether the children get vaccinated or not is a joint legal custody choice, even in the event of divorced parents.

Based on best-interest criteria, the court will decide whether a kid will be vaccinated against COVID-19.

In essence, the court will evaluate the details of each case, such as each parent’s arguments for or against vaccination, particular family health concerns, school or activity requirements, and, most significantly, a medical expert’s judgment.


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