A Super Rare Number Plate Was Sold For A Huge SR620,000 In Saudi


Buying rare number plates has become super easy nowadays with all that participants have to do is sign onto Absher and take part in the auction that will go live from time to time. On the third edition of the online auction, a number plate managed to grab a lot of eyeballs. Its price continued to shoot up before ending up being sold for an eye-watering SR620,000.

The number plate that we’re talking about is “9999 DDD”.

New rounds of the auction are frequently being announced on Absher’s Twitter account and anyone can take part. They will have to, however, pay a registration fee of SR1,000 to participate.

Neighboring UAE has seen number plates sold for exorbitant prices in the past, in fact, one man shelled out $14.2 million to get the plate bearing the number “1.”

We logged onto the Absher website to see what was available in the latest auction round, and we saw that certain registration plates were being offered for as little as SR2,500.


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