A TikToker Adds A Saudi Twist To Famous Songs And Makes Them Sound Super Catchy

Hera Shabbir

Leave it up to TikTok to showcase the community’s unique talent. Osama Aslan is a famous artist that creates the most catchy remixes of famous hits. If you’re from Egypt, Morrocco, Brazil, Saudi, or even just a fan of Mbappé, then you need to follow Osama ASAP.

He made a Saudi-version of Adele’s ‘Set Fire To The Rain’ and it sounds great!

@osama..aslan Replying to @❤️‍🩹I’m not interested اديل فرع السعودية 🇸🇦 رابط رح خليه في الانستجرام #أسامة_أصلان #osama🦁aslan #adele #saudiarabia🇸🇦 ♬ original sound – Osama🦁Aslan

Osama’s whipped up a total of over 100 thousand followers and over 2 million views on these kind of videos!

Here’s a remix of Rihanna’s ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond’ you didn’t know you needed

@osama..aslan Replying to @Samsung ريانا ريمكس سعودي 🇸🇦 فولو حتى نوصل 200k😍 #osama🦁aslan #أسامة_أصلان #Rihanna #saudiarabia🇸🇦 ♬ original sound – Osama🦁Aslan

The comments are blowing up with support and followers asking for more of Osama’s crazy talent!

This classic is also re-vamped with Saudi music and sounds super fun!

@osama..aslan Replying to @فهوودي اخر يوم بومباستيك ريمكس سعودي 🇸🇦#osama🦁aslan #أسامة_أصلان #saudiarabia🇸🇦 #boombastic ♬ original sound – Osama🦁Aslan

You should definitely keep this Dabka remix on your playlist


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