A Yemeni Man Has Been Gifted A Brand New 4WD for Saving Two Saudi Brothers From Drowning


In a remarkable act of heroism, a Yemeni expatriate named Abu Qais has become the man of the moment after braving treacherous flash floods to save two Saudi brothers from drowning.

The tribesmen of the brothers whose lives were saved, as a gesture of gratitude, gifted the man with a brand-new 4WD, among a host of other gifts.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows the tribesmen celebrating with Abu Qais and showering him with gifts.

The backstory of the celebration is that the Al Raith governorate saw unprecedented amounts of rain recently.

The brothers Salem and Yassir found themselves caught in the raging floodwaters. Seeing them, Abu Qais plunged into the tempestuous waters and pulled the brothers to safety.

Sadly, their uncle, who also tried rescuing them, lost his life in the waters.

In the video, Abu Qais can be repeatedly heard saying, “This is my duty. It’s truly nothing,” as people come forward to congratulate him. Someone give the man a cape already!


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