American Actor Adrien Brody Donates A Massive $275,000 To A Saudi Charity


Oscar winner Adrien Brody was in the city this past week, and he grabbed all eyeballs when he donated $275,000 (SR1,031,250) to a Saudi charity, according to local media reports.

He actually bought a painting at the auction that took place on the sidelines of the Diriyah E-Prix.

This whole thing was put together by a group called the Society of Autism Families. They were auctioning off all sorts of stuff—jewellery, cars, even horses—to raise money for the cause.

The same charity saw a woman cough up $125,000 for a signed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey. You heard that right—the Portuguese soccer legend, now playing for Al Nassr in Saudi, had his gear up for grabs too.

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