An Official Starbucks Co-Founder Praised Saudi Coffee In A Video That Has Gone Viral

Hera Shabbir

Saudi’s rich and tasty coffee has always been the Kingdom’s favorite, but the traditional delicacy is now Starbucks approved

On his visit to the Kingdom, co-founder Zev Siegl is seen praising the traditional coffee beans of the Jazan region. The region is famous for its rich red colored  Khawlani coffee beans that Seigl was seen holding in the video, which he then went on to compliment.

The viral video showcases the founder saying “Saudi Khawlani coffee is going to be one of the wonderful exports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,”


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The famous co-founder was seen wearing traditional Jazan attire, including the wizrah (a traditional skirt),a belt containing a janbiya (dagger), along with fresh flowers on  his head, one of the most well-known attires of the region. Jazan’s Khawlani coffee is known for its various flavor notes including raisins, dates, cardamom, cinnamon and even dark chocolate.

The next time you get your hands on some Saudi coffee, make sure you tell your friends it’s Starbucks approved


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