Asir’s Hail Took The Internet By Storm This Week

Asir's Hail Took The Internet By Storm This Week

The southern Asir region got hit with some serious rain and hail on Sunday morning!

Heavy to moderate rain poured down on most parts of the area, including popular spots like Abha and Khamis Mushayt, as well as Rijal Alma’, Al-Namas, and Tanuma. And if that wasn’t enough, hailstones covered the main roads and streets, giving the landscape a frosty makeover.

The rain caused some havoc

@shuish2007ابها ❄️♬ الصوت الأصلي – Tom

The local authorities sprang into action, getting their municipal workers and field teams out there to clear away the hailstones and get the roads back to normal.

The rain didn’t stop there. It made its way to other parts of the Asir region too, like Balqarn, Barq, Mahayil, and more. Even some town centers affiliated with Tarib, Al-Amwah, and Bisha got a taste of the wet stuff.

Many parts of Asir were covered in fog

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The city of Abha, along with Al-Namas and Tanoma, and the surrounding towns, were all wrapped up in a thick blanket of fog. It got so chilly, especially up in high-altitude spots like Al-Souda Center, where temperatures dropped below 10 degrees.

The valleys even started filling up with torrents, creating floods in the farms and valleys.


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