Bahraini Vlogger Omar Farooq Discovers AlUla’s Glowing Football Field

Hera Shabbir

The internet’s favorite Bahraini blogger Omar Farooq, stumbled upon something truly magical during his recent visit to AlUla. During a recent discovery adventure, Omar discovered a football field that glows in the dark!

The goal post is painted with a special substance that absorbs sunlight during the day

By night, the entire field glows with an otherworldly, luminous effect. It’s like playing football under a sea of stars! The sight is nothing short of amazing. The glowing rocks surrounding the field only add to the mesmerizing experience.

Omar also explored AlUla’s other gems including the Desert X AlUla exhibit


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AlUla continues to surprise everyone with its unique blend of natural beauty and innovative attractions. The DesertXAlUla was one of many attractions that has people flocking by the hundreds to the historical city.

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