Budget Like A Pro In Riyadh: 5 Under 50 SAR Activities For The Family

Hera Shabbir

Who said everything in Riyadh has to come at a hefty price? The capital is actually home to all kinds of different activities that will go easy on your pockets, and heavy on the experience! From the late night shawarma cravings, weekend getaways, to even a cute little day in the park, the capital also caters to those families looking to budget.

Scroll down below, and check out the five activities you can do in the Kingdom that’ll cost you 50 SAR Maximum!

5. Satisfy your late night Shawarma cravings from Shawarma Jalila for 7 SAR


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Each Shawarma at this spot costs just 7 SAR, so you could literally even feed a whole family of five for 30 SAR, with extra room for hot and cold appetizers. Shawarma Jalila is known for their juicy, tasty, and absolutely fresh shawarmas that definitely hit the spot. Keep this spot in mind the next time you’re craving a shawarma, but already splurged a bit last week!

4. Have a cute family picnic at Wadi Hanifa


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This famous spot is actually one of the largest man-made lakes in Saudi Arabia, and runs around 120 kilometers long! The gorgeous site is perfect for a nice picnic by the water and gorgeous mounts. All you gotta do is grab some snacks from home, and head on over! You could even grab a cup of tea for each of your fam gang, for under 10 SAR!

3. Get a good bargain at Souq Al Thumairi

This local souq stores sell everything you need from jewellery, rugs, clothing, pots and some totally awesome souvenirs. If you want to take the whole family shopping, but go easy on the pockets, then bring your best bargain game because this Souq welcomes people from all walks of life!

2. Enjoy a history lesson at the National Museum for just 10 SAR!

Riyadh’s National Museum has a total of 10 galleries, a gorgeous courtyard, and even a special section that showcases belongings of the founding king of Saudi Arabia. If you’re looking to take the family on a historical day out to learn about the history of the Kingdom, then head on over with enough budget for 10 SAR tickets! 

1. Go Strawberry picking with the family for 30 SAR

There’s nothing like a family activity to get you in your positive vibes like strawberry picking. This place brings you a row of strawberry trees and the opportunity to pick your luscious fruits, and take them home. Entry to this spot costs just 30 SAR 👀. Get the location here.

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