Cleaner Coasts: Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Global Introduces Cutting-Edge Beach Cleaning Robot

Hera Shabbir
Red Sea Global Saudi is making headlines, with its transformative initiatives for coastal preservation. Committed to a greener future, Red Sea Global Saudi blends technology and environmental consciousness in its impactful endeavors. The project recently announced a cutting-edge solution to beach littering, and left it to technology.

Introducing the Red Sea Global Beach Cleaning Robot!

The awesome robot can actually zoom through 3,000 square meters through THE sand, nabbing even teeny-tiny 1-square-centimeter plastic bits on its own!

Considering the dozens of coastline projects of Red Sea Global, this robot is here to make everyone’s beachy days better!

In total,  Red Sea mega project will feature 50 resorts, 8,000 hotels, over 1,000 residential units, 22 islands and 6 mainland sites, so cleanups will be essential



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