‘Con Air’ Director Simon West To Shoot His Next Film In NEOM


NEOM is becoming a hotspot for shooting locations, with movie studios from Bollywood to Hollywood lining up to shoot here. The place will soon gear up to be the film locale of a historical drama called Antara that’s being helmed by Simon West.

The director is known for movies like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, The Expendables 2, and Con Air.

Antara is based on a real-life story from the sixth century about a man named Antara ibn Shaddad, who went from being a warrior to a celebrated poet and knight. The crew of the movie has 12 weeks of non-stop action scheduled to kick off in early 2024.

Simon West himself is excited about filming in the Banu Abs tribe’s homeland, and he’s all about growing the film industry in the region.

With NEOM’s jaw-dropping locations, direction by Simon West, and the captivating real-life story of Antara ibn Shaddad, the expectations with Antara are, needless to say, skyhigh.

In the meantime, Shahrukh’s movie Dunki is gearing up for release at the end of the year, significant portions of which were shot in NEOM and Jeddah.


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