COVID-19: The Health Saudi Minister Addresses The Nation


In these extraordinary times, the Saudi Health Minister has sent out a request to citizens and ex-pats.

In a video shared to Twitter, he addresses sons and daughters and acknowledges this is a time where we face serious challenges, ‘coronavirus is spreading everywhere, across the world and quickly” and he goes on to ask for YOUR cooperation in four areas (outlined below).

“Minister of Health, in a message to citizens and expatriates: The leadership took a number of precautions to protect you, the challenge is great, and everyone’s cooperation is important.” – Saudi Press Agency


The government asks for your cooperation in four areas

  1. Avoid handshakes
  2. Clean and disinfect your hands properly
  3. Avoid mass gatherings
  4. If you have symptoms, or if you’ve been away in the last days, keep yourself away from others and stay in your room for 14 days

“This is a national responsibility and we need your cooperation”


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