Cozy Up This Winter At Riyadh’s Top 5 Hot Chocolate Spots

Hera Shabbir

Hot Chocolate is an essential component to enjoying the winter season, and the whole world can agree on this. Riyadh however has quite the competitive food scene with over hundreds of restaurants serving up the most delicious hot drink. Although the competition is tough, these top five spots are everyone’s go-to spots when they’re craving the choclate-y winter vibe. Scroll down and check out which one catches your eye, and head on over!

5. Find the insta-perfect hot chocolate at Caffeination


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This famous spot serves up the fluffiest marshmallows on top of your hot drink that will have you savoring each sip. The steaming cup of hot chocolate just costs 25 SAR and is definitely worth waiting in line for!

4. Bit into a savory snack on the side at Si Café


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This spot will have you enjoying the best of both worlds with their amazing hot chocolate stand. The stand itself features space for two snacks on the side which includes a croissant and some caramel popcorn! This concoction in itself sounds like a MUST need for winter.

3. Enjoy all kinds of chocolatey goodness from Overdose


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This hot chocolate from Overdose is served to you like in the movies! The whipped cream, chocolate flakes, and piece of chocolate centered right inside creates the perfect winter moment. Even their cup is totally adorable!

2. Try out the chocolate infused Sahlab from Ashjar Café

If you’re more about tradition and like to welcome your winters with a cup of Sahlab then Ashjar Café should definitely be your number one choice. This spot actually put a chocolate twist to the Middle Eastern milk pudding, adding some yummy chocolate, chopped pistachios and some silky cocoa powder to enhance the hot chocolate vibes!

1. Join the crowd to sip on hot cocoa from Saudi’s most viral cafe of 1/2 Million

Half Million has been going viral on a local and global level and people are here for it! Half Million has the most delicious choices of hot chocolate that feature a little bitter experience with the dark hot chocolate, or an extra sweet moment with the milk hot chocolate. Take your pick, and some pics, at this spot because you’ll definitely enjoy some worth-it chocolate goodness for SAR 16.

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