Diriyah Is Getting The Ultimate Hotspot For Foodies And It Looks Amazing

Hera Shabbir

Get ready to say hello to your next favorite place for a quick food stop, Bujairi Terrace!

Diriyah will soon open doors to this awesome food haven which will have 20 well-known restaurants that will satisfy all your weekend cravings. They will be placed in a location covering around 15,000 square meters of space, totally worth some restaurant hopping.

Some well-known names that will be at this cool spot include Angelina Paris, Brunch & Cake, Café de L’Esplanade, Villa Mamas and many more

As Diriyah transforms to become one of Riyadh’s best-kept historical hubs, these selection of restaurants will make this place worth visiting. The project also includes the restoration of areas near Wadi Hanifah, the addition of top-notch hotels, walking trails and picnic areas.

The designs look amazing and will definitely become the next best spot for dining, leisure, and entertainment in Riyadh


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