Everyone Is Heartbroken Over An Unfortunate Incident That Happened To A Family While Visiting Mount Hiswa

Hera Shabbir

News has been circulating about an unfortunate incident that happened just yesterday to a family in Saudi Arabia. They had traveled from Riyadh to the southern areas of the Kingdom, where the father had stopped the car to see Mount Hiswa, but the car had unfortunately rolled over

21 year old Rima threw her brothers out of the car for safety and unfortunately passed away during the incident

She did not have time to escape with them, and instead fell with the vehicle and died. The internet is sending out all heartfelt prayers and well wishes to the family, as young Rima had sacrificed her life to save her brothers. May God have mercy on her and accept her with the martyrs. Some are saying that she was a fresh graduate who was doing her internship in Riyadh Airport. ❤️‍🩹

People in the comments were absolutely heartbroken over this unfortunate incident


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