Fact Check! The Viral Storm Video Is Not From Saudi Arabia


A viral video of a storm with the hard caption “Saudi Arabia storm today” has been circulating widely across social media, with multiple users sharing it. However, upon closer look, the video is not actually from Saudi.

And not just that, it’s not even from the recent downpour that hit the UAE and Oman.

Here’s the video:

The problem with the first clip is that it appears to show a tornado in one of the clips! Now ask yourself: When was the last time you saw a tornado in this part of the world?

Several users have later pointed out that the video is not from the Middle East.

A video on YouTube from December 2023 shows the exact same clip. And that video is from Cuba!

Since the video is a compilation of many videos, if you look at clips 3, 4, and 6 that are used in the video, they are actually from the UAE.

In fact, you could spot some of Dubai’s famous skyscrapers in clip 4 easily. The other clips used in the video are not from the Middle East.

The clip with the car toppling over, well, that’s from Cape Town, South Africa, and was initially shared on the YouTube channel of “9 News Australia.” You can watch the video here.


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