Famous TikTokers Dylan Acanfora And Devin Caherly Had The Most Iconic Moments In Saudi Arabia

Hera Shabbir

TikTok’s favorite duo of Dylan and Devin were recently spotted posting the most awesome videos from the Kingdom! With over millions of subscribers and followers, these social media icons added Saudi Arabia on their travel itinerary, and shared their iconic moments with everyone.

Dylan and Devin firstly got everyone’s attention with this wholesome reaction to being in Saudi

The thobes are EVERYHING!

They also had a hilarious interaction with a camel that went viral in hours


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They even got their Arabic names!

Dylan and Devin were seen visiting the gorgeous site of Rijal Almaa in the Asir province of Saudi Arabia. Locals in the area dressed them up in the most authentic traditional look, and topped it off with giving them their Arabic names of Misfar and Sager.

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