Famous Vlogger NasDaily Shared His Opinion On The New Saudi

Hera Shabbir

NasDaily is one of the most famous vloggers of social media who recently visited Saudi Arabia. His video, which already mustered up over forty thousand likes features clips of all different attractions around the Kingdom. Nas started the video with talking about his former negative opinion about Saudi Arabia. However, he also admitted that after his recent visit, his opinion of the nation did a full 180!

Nas applauded Saudi for its fast industrial, social, and tourism development


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The video starts off with a few clips of misrepresentation of Saudi Arabia on TV, to which Nas starts off by saying that his opinion of Saudi Arabia was changed this week, after a proper visit to the country. He explored places like King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh Boulevard World, Riyadh Boulevard City, walked around multiple construction sites, and even showed multiple clips of Saudi’s continuous success over the past few years.

Nas also said Saudi Arabia is growing by 8.7 per cent which was the highest out of every developed country

The Kingdom’s development rate and GDP has been through the roof for a while now, making it one of the fastest developing countries in the world! Saudi Arabia also welcomed over 73.1 million tourists in nine months of 2022! It’s clearly evident that the Kingdom’s growth is truly like none other, and it’s not stopping. NasDaily was one of the many visitors that got to witness the true transformation of the Kingdom from its stereotypical reputation.

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