Flight From Cairo To Taif Diverted After Pilot’s Sudden Passing On Board

Hera Shabbir

A Nesma Airlines flight NE130, en route from Cairo to Taif, was diverted to Jeddah after the sudden death of the pilot, Hassan Youssef Adas, during the flight.

The co-pilot announced the sudden death to the passengers on board

The flight took off from Cairo International Airport at its scheduled time, with over a hundred passengers on board. The journey seemed routine until about halfway through the flight, when Captain Adas suffered a medical emergency. Despite immediate efforts to assist him, he passed away, leaving the co-pilot in charge of the aircraft. The co-pilot stated: “We apologize for diverting the flight to King Abdulaziz Airport in Jeddah because of the death of my brother and friend Captain Hassan, the pilot,”

The aircraft then safely landed in Jeddah’s King Abdulaziz Airport 

The cause of death was due to a sudden heart attack on board

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